On March 29, WGR will descend on Senate and House offices for its third annual Hill Day, meeting with over 100 Members from both sides of the aisle. It's an opportunity for our members to build their networks - on the Hill as well as within our ranks, to get firsthand experience meeting with Congressional offices and to help Congressional Members and their staff members understand all WGR has to offer them.

In 2016, WGR members visited the offices of 65 women in Congress. Many of these meetings were with the Senator or Congresswoman herself. Now in our third installment, we are targeting all 104 women in the House and Senate as well as several male allies, identified based on legislation sponsored in the 114th Congress to better the lives of women. Our male allies are crucial to the fight for equality within our industry and more broadly in society and we are excited to include them in WGR's future programming and mission.

Despite gains made in recent cycles and the historic 2016 election which saw a woman as a major party's Presidential nominee for the first time, there is still a lot of work to be done before women have an equal voice in the political process. Women comprise less than 20 percent of the federal legislative bodies - a number unchanged from the 114th Congress - and a 2012 study by LegiStorm showed women make up only 35 percent of lobbyists in DC. Working in this industry, many of us can relate to the experience of being the only woman in the room. It can be uncomfortable, and it means that the voices and experiences of Americans are not accurately reflected in DC. These representative deficits will not correct without a concerted, collaborative effort. WGR brings together women in government, across disciplines and policy areas, from all political ideology, to promote working across the aisle in our jobs and on Capitol Hill and to create the next generation of leaders in Government Relations. Hill Day is an exercise in learning for our WGR members, but more deeply it is the chance to make real connections and inroads with Members of Congress and their staff.

As women around the world celebrated International Womens Day on March 8, Women in Government Relations is working to bring women together and raise awareness for issues that support the advancement and empowerment of women -- 365 days a year. If you are interested in being part of WGRs Hill Day click here. We look forward to you joining us on March 29 when #WGRStormstheHill.

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