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Back in 2007 I joined the House Agriculture Committee as a staff assistant. I had left teaching U.S. government at Fairfax High School in Virginia to work on the Hill. As a newbie to the Hill I was encouraged to take a Congressional Research Service (CRS) course on congressional procedure. Little did I know that eight years later the woman teaching the course, Judy Schneider, would become a friend and mentor when I joined the WGR Board of Directors.

Judy is smartest and funniest woman I know. Every time I see her or attend her Direct Connect to Congress sessions, I learn something new, and laugh, a lot. Its the kind of laughter where your cheeks hurt. Not only is Judy smart and funny, but shes a straight shooter and I love that about her. She tells you how Congress really works, not the Schoolhouse Rock version. Judy is not afraid to tell me or WGR what she thinks or what I or our organization needs to do better. Judy wants the best for WGR and women in this profession and I am grateful for her mentorship and commitment to our organization.

Judy has spent almost four decades at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) as a Specialist on the Congress. Before that, she worked for committees in both the House and Senate. In 2018, she received the well-deserved lifetime achievement award for Congressional Staff from the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF). Members of Congress know how to legislate because Judy taught them. She is the one who educates lawmakers on the procedural rules, process and politics on how to get things done on the Hill. Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA-8) said it best I owe everything to Judy.

Judy is a true treasure, legend and expert. I know she is going to be sorely missed on the Hill but something tells me she will still show up now and again, when she takes some time away from her beloved beach house in NJ to return to Washington and teach our members about congressional procedure. But most importantly, Judy is a friend to me and WGR. I look forward to our continued friendship and her involvement in WGR. 

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