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Have you ever thought about chucking your job or career?  Is 2018 your year?!  Iíve been there Ė I jumped off the career cliff in 2002 and have been happily following my passion in the form of a career ever since. 

You Too Can Wake Up Excited About Your Day!
Do you dread going into work?  Do you watch the clock? The hands seem to tick by slower and slower every day. Or, are you frustrated because you work very hard to get the job done and yet you seem to go nowhere?

I practiced tax law for eleven very long years and then jumped off the career cliff Ė I quit with no plan.  While I donít recommend this strategy for everyone, it does have its perks. I took the time to figure what I was (and still am) passionate about and what would be a good fit for my skills.  Part of this process involved becoming Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (ďMBTIĒ or ďTypeĒ) certified and then an MBTI Master Practitioner. I needed to know what was wrong with me that I didnít love being a tax lawyer. I need to know why I felt like a square peg in a round hole. Type answered that question powerfully for me: there was nothing wrong with me, tax law just wasnít a fit. 

And guess what, not only did I stop feeling like a failure, but I made a career doing what I love most: helping others to create fulfilling careers and personal lives for themselves. As you might guess, I am passionate about everyone finding a career thatís a fit. I learned the hard way that lifeís too short to suffer with a job or career that isnít fulfilling. 

Hereís How You Can Find Your Career Calling!  

  1. Remember, You Donít Have to Jump Off a Cliff! It doesnít have to be scary; you can work with a career coach to ensure that you are making choices that will result in a fulfilling career while ensuring that practical considerations, like paying the mortgage, are taken into account.  
  2. Have a Process: Your coach can provide the structure and process for you to collect a data of yourself. You want to treat choosing your next career like any other problem:
    • Search out and consider data about yourself;
    • Generate career options;
    • Analyze your options logically and practically; and
    • Determine which option inspires you most. 
  3. Know Yourself: This is where using a tool such as MBTI so that you have objective criteria with which to evaluate your strengths and blind spots is quite helpful. Youíll also want to take an inventory of your skills, focusing on the ones you enjoy using. For WGRís program on Type, click here . I promise itíll help you evaluate career options even though itís focused on working with different personality types.
  4. Network: Your process will most likely include networking and discussing prospective career paths and jobs with friends and colleagues. Your friends often have a clearer sense of your strengths than you do. 
  5. Create Your Professional Talking Points: Whether you want to secure a promotion, find a new job, or make a career jump, youíll need to be able to discuss your strengths and skills confidently and memorably. WGR offers a program to help you do just that: Step Into Power: Create Your Personal Brand For more information about how to create your personal brand, click here. 
  6. Interview Like A Rock Star: A coach can also help you amp up your interviewing skills. The keys are to be confident, prepared, and yourself.  For more tips about interviewing, read Interview Like a Rock Star.  And donít forget, WGRís Create Your Personal Brand can help you prepare. 
And, if youíd like help in making the most of your current position or finding a totally new career path, letís talk!  You can reach me at anne@arudia.com or 202-449-9751. If youíre in the DC area and would like help in develop your career Ė in Stepping Into Your Power, join me and your WGR friends on:

and donít worry, men are welcome too!  Register here.

If you thought this blog was helpful and want to learn more about personal branding or get a jump start on February 2ndís Branding Class (Create Your Personal Brand), download 5 Steps To Create Your Professional Brand.


by Anne Collier, Arudia

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