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A Congresswoman once remarked, every man looks in the mirror and sees a future member of Congress. Women, on the other hand, often don't see the same. We may think we don't have what it takes, that someone else may be better suited, or worst of all, that we might not have anything unique to contribute. But this Congresswoman knew the value of a diverse set of women's voices and why it was important to have women in leadership roles.

So letís prove her right! I was joined by a great group of women at WGRís Future Leaders Luncheon today, where we talked about the roles and responsibilities open to all WGR members. Though I'm only halfway through my first year as a board member, I can tell you how rewarding I have found serving alongside remarkable women, and I encourage you to learn more about the leadership opportunities available.

First and foremost, your participation in WGR is vital to this organization. And yes, I'm talking to YOU. If you have not done so, I encourage you to join a task force, and if you are on a task force, I encourage you to come learn more about becoming a task force co-chair. I took my first step into WGR leadership by serving as the co-chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Task Force. Co-chairs have one of the best opportunities to influence and contribute to member satisfaction and services by planning events that educate and mentor WGR membership. Serving as a co-chair is also a great networking opportunity, benefiting both you as a successful professional and your employer. And last but not least, being a co-chair allows you to develop leadership skills and utilize talents beyond your current job requirements -- speaking opportunities, program and agenda development, conducting meetings, developing budgets, organizing volunteers, and much more. Those skills stand out on a resume, and taking a proactive leadership role makes you a more valuable current employee and attractive to future employers.

At our Future Leaders event we also talk about serving on the board of directors. We have five open seats on our board this election cycle, so if you've actively participated in WGR for the last two years, please consider throwing your hat in the ring.
We are looking for leaders just like you for roles throughout our organization. All you have to do is look in the mirror and see the leader your fellow WGR members already see in you.

Ashleigh de la Torre serves on the WGR Board of Directors as the Operations Director for the Financial Services Task Force. She has been a WGR member since 2005 and served as co-chair for the Transportation & Infrastructure Task Force.

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