Member Spotlight

Lauren Colicelli Facemire
Director, RPAC Fundraising, National Association of REALTORS

What attracted your to WGR and how has it helped you personally & professionally?
I thought WGR would be an excellent opportunity to meet friendly, like-minded women in my field for personal and professional growth. Luckily my organization is a WEN member, and I was quickly able to join and immerse myself in as many opportunities as possible. Iíve been amazed (but not surprised!) by WGRís remarkable network of women.

What was your original career plan and how did you end up in government relations?
As I entered college I started out as a business major who wanted to go on to own my own restaurant. I quickly learned in my first semester that this was not my passion area and I did some soul searching on my next potential career move. The tragedy of September 11, 2001 moved me to take an interest in the political process before college, so I decided to take a few political science courses and I was hooked. My sophomore year I secured an internship in a state government office working as a legislative aide and I havenít looked back since.

Do you have a mentor and how did you connect?

I have a mentor who is a former boss and colleague from my early career working for a statewide elected official in Florida. I was always inspired by her independent and entrepreneurial spirit, and when she left for another position in the private sector I asked if there was an opportunity for me to join her. I ended up going to work for her in her new organization and she encouraged me to go back to school for my Masterís degree and make the move to DC to further my career. Sheís since moved from Florida and now lives in Arlington, VA so we are still connected.

What is your favorite part of your day job?
The best part of my job is working with the members of our association. Iím a people person, so any opportunity I have to interact with our membership and help them meet their fundraising goals makes it all worthwhile for me. I also enjoy that Iím able to travel and explore new cities across the country as I meet with associations and attend conventions. 

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