WGR has seven committees:

Serving on a committee is an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues within your field, grow your leadership skills and create a valuable membership experience. Participation in a WGR committee provides a natural path for getting more involved in the organization. If you are a member and would like to apply to join a committee, click here.

Congressional Outreach
The Congressional Outreach Committee  group is responsible for building the WGR brand on Capitol Hill by expanding our congressional network and becoming a resource for hill staffers in terms of policy and professional development. Some of the committee duties will include: help set up and attend hill day meetings, grow emeritus membership, and be a resource for task forces when they are looking to host Member events.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee exists to raise awareness among WGRs membership, and within the government relations profession at large, on the importance of DEI through education, critical dialogue, strategic programming, and communications. Serving on the DEI committee provides an opportunity for members to participate in non-traditional leadership activities that serve to strengthen the organization and the field by fostering critical conversations of race, privilege, bias, gender roles in the workplace, and other vital issues related to DEI, while promoting access and opportunity among the membership and throughout the field.

Fundraising & Development
The Fundraising & Development Advisory Committee provides leadership to the WGR board and task forces in efforts to attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the organization.

Membership & Engagement
The strength and vitality of WGR is its members. Serving on the Membership & Engagement Committee enables members to learn about the culture of membership associations. We discuss strategies on how to secure and retain members always focused on our unique value proposition. The goal of the committee is to develop and implement recruitment strategies that will attract and retain an engaged and diverse membership that will best serve the organization. The Membership & Engagement Committee is committed to ensuring that its members represent a wide spectrum of employment settings, demographics, experience, and issue interests. The committee works closely with the WGR staff, executive committee, board and task forces to effectively recruit from all identified constituencies. Innovation and creativity wanted!

PACs, Politics & Grassroots
The PACs, Politics & Grassroots Committee provides members with career enhancement opportunities through a variety of professional development and networking activities tailored to those with a penchant for all things political. Briefings by an impressive mix of policymakers, government affairs professionals, and political pundits draw crowds from across WGRs membership and beyond. Whether youre looking to grow your PAC, your grassroots campaign, or your own personal Rolodex, WGRs PACs, Politics & Grassroots Committee provides the programming you need!

 Personal & Professional Development Committee
The Personal & Professional Development Committee works to improve WGR members' personal and professional development opportunities through evaluating current programming and resources, ensuring cohesive professional development opportunities and generating new ideas. Examples of relevant events include negotiating skills, communicating with Congress, developing and using a LinkedIn profile, networking 101, and fitness events such as sponsoring teams for local charitable 5k run/walks. The committee partners with WGR task forces, committees and outside groups to co-sponsor relevant events and creates opportunities to meet other WGR members outside their current area of expertise.

Policies & Procedures
The goal of the Policies & Procedures Committee is to assemble and document the existing policies and procedures of WGR in a usable manual that facilitates training for WGR leadership. The committee facilitates an annual review of the policies and procedures, updates such policies and procedures as necessary to reflect current structures and functions of WGR and develop new policies and procedures as needed. Committee members are appointed by the President and all policies must be approved by the board.

Safe and Productive Work Environment Ad Hoc Committee
The committee works to empower WGR members, Task Forces and Committees, as well as external partners and elected officials to combat harassment and hostile work environments by: educating members on available resources related to knowing their rights, reporting harassment, and navigating hostile work environments; and cultivating an environment of professional support for members who experience harassment and/or a hostile work environment.